Topic: 30 quotes about Kenny Dalglish

"Kenny is the best player to have ever worn the red shirt and is the undisputed king of Liverpool Football Club."

Phil Neal

"I never saw anyone in this country to touch him. I can think of only two players who could go ahead of him – Pele and possibly Cruyff. He was He was better than Maradona, Rummenigge or Platini. I would say that on his day he was, without any shadow of a doubt, the best player in the world."

Graeme Souness

"He is one of the best players I have ever seen and one of the best players in the history of football."

Franz Beckenbauer

"For me he's not just Liverpool's best player but probably Britain's best ever football person if you like. We're the most successful club and he's the best player so I don't think anyone beats him."

Jamie Carragher

"Kenny Dalglish is probably the most modest man who has ever been handed the nickname 'King' but King Kenny he will always be."

Billy Bremner

"I suppose above everything else when you try to assess Kenny's importance you must talk about his attitude to the game. He just wanted to play football. He had tremendous skill and the ability to set the pace of the game for the other players around him. When I had to sell Kevin Keegan to Hamburg – and we didn't have any choice because Kevin wanted to go to Europe – I didn't think it would be possible to replace him. Yet we did it so easily by buying Kenny from Celtic. In many ways he was a better player for Liverpool than Kevin was. Kenny is a model professional and was the best buy we ever made – it's as simple as that."

Bob Paisley

"Kenny had unbelievable vision and strength as a player. He was really aware of people around him. He had great balance and was a good finisher, courageous too. People often forget that the one quality great players need is courage. Kenny is as brave as a lion. He would take a kick from anyone and come back for more. Kenny is a man I shall always respect."

Alex Ferguson

"Kenny was a tremendous player, absolutely tremendous. I would have paid to have seen him play. I loved the way he could hold the ball up and make goals as well as score them."

Ron Yeats

"Kenny Dalglish is a hero of mine and is the best player to ever wear a red shirt."

Steven Gerrard

"After Kevin Keegan left no one was quite sure how Bob Paisley would fill the gap but it was a masterstroke to sign Kenny from Celtic. With his football brain and ability to score goals out of nothing, Dalglish became the main man of the Liverpool sides throughout the late '70s and '80s. Kenny seemed almost continually capable of writing his own script - from his dramatic first ever Liverpool goal to his strikes that clinched the 1978 European Cup win and 1986 championship against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The way he could score goals and also create them for other players around him was special. He will always be remembered as the king here at Anfield."

David Fairclough

"I actually played against Kenny when and he turned me inside out. I thought to myself I'd love to play alongside him, and luckily for me I got that chance. Kenny is the best player I've ever played against and with."

Alan Kennedy

"Unfortunately for me I never got the chance to play with Kenny Dalglish for Liverpool so when he did play I was sat in the stands watching him. When you are up in the stand you have more of a bird's eye view of what's happening on the pitch and we had a superstar in Kenny Dalglish, without a shadow of a doubt. When Kenny put on that red shirt he was playing for it and the other 10 players in the team. He is the best player I have ever seen at this football club and he was a genius."

Brian Hall

"Kenny wasn't the quickest of movers but he was 20 yards quicker than anybody else with his football brain and he would be in position before any defender knew what was happening. I've always said the best signing that Liverpool ever made was Kenny Dalglish."

Ronnie Moran

"Kenny Dalglish would be my first choice for Liverpool's best ever player because he was a great player with a lot of qualities."

Rafael Benitez

"Kenny was a magnificent player by any analysis and one of the all-time greats."

Rick Parry

"Kenny is probably the most gifted player I have ever seen. He could turn on a five pence piece and he was an out and out footballer. He was just a tremendous player."

Tommy Smith

"I think Kenny is the best player Liverpool have ever had. Many great players have worn the Red shirt - going back to the days of Billy Liddell - but Kenny was just a genius."

Joey Jones

"Quite simply Liverpool's greatest ever player. Kenny was my hero when I was growing up. I tried to model my game on his and he was just the master."

Paul Walsh

"Kenny is the best player to ever play for Liverpool and he was just a phenomenal player. The way he looked after himself was second to none. He was just a true professional, a great talent and he was successful which is the most important thing."

Roy Evans

"Purely and simply the best player I ever played with or against. His record speaks for itself and he is idolised on Merseyside."

Gary Gillespie

"When he took over from Kevin Keegan you thought 'How can anyone replace Kevin?' Kenny was just a fantastic player."

David Johnson

"I think Kenny was the best player in and around the box Liverpool have ever had."

Ian Callaghan

"Kenny Dalglish, he's probably one of the nicest men you'll ever meet and as a player - the partnership he had with Ian Rush was phenomenal. There's that many players over the years who've tried to get partnerships going but I don't think you'll get a better partnership that that between Dalglish and Rushie. I can remember when I was a schoolboy and I used to get the bus up to Melwood. It was raining one night and Kenny's come past me and picked up me and my dad at the bus stop. I can't remember what car it was - maybe a big white Mercedes - and I think I was only used to buses then so I was just excited to be sitting in a car never mind a Mercedes one! He dropped me off by my house and I was absolutely devastated that no one got to see me getting a lift home form the Liverpool manager. Any young kid, no matter who you support, it doesn't get much better than that, does it? Ever since I've played Kenny's been very supportive of me but I think as a player, what he's achieved has been nothing short of exceptional."

Robbie Fowler

"Kenny is Liverpool's greatest ever player simply I played with him and he made a lot of my goals. He gave me the confidence that I needed. Whenever Kenny had the ball I always knew it was going to come to me."

Ian Rush

"When I was growing up my hero was Di Stefano. Kenny for me was on a par with Di Stefano. That is the best compliment I can pay him."

George Best

"Kenny was the best Scottish player I ever played with. He could hold his own in any company and go anywhere in the world. He was a genuine world-class player."

Billy McNeill

"Kenny was a genius of a player and he is a credit to the game on and off the pitch. He always played for the team rather than himself."

Tommy Docherty

"Jimmy Greaves and Kenny Dalglish had similar know-how, but Dalglish's knowledge and reading of the game was far superior. He was the most complete footballer in British soccer."

Jimmy Armfield

"Kenny was actually here at Melwood as a 15-year-old schoolboy. He came on trial and he went home afterwards. It was only later that Bill Shankly realised that Dalglish was here as a boy and he went mad! He said 'how did we miss him?' Kenny just had the football brain. He was born with it and you can't give that to people. He had that natural born talent."

Ian St John

"I will never have a bad word said about Kenny because as a person he is fantastic. As a manager I think he was fantastic as well. He did not have the best of times at Newcastle but he won trophies at Liverpool as a manager and as a player. He won the title at Blackburn as a manager. Some of his signings did not work out for him at Newcastle but I tell you, if you ask any player who was at Newcastle when Kenny was manager, they will not have a bad word said against him because for a player he was fantastic, he treated you as a man. He treated you how you wanted to be treated. He was great for us as players, certainly here at Newcastle and definitely at Blackburn."

Alan Shearer