Topic: Who will win La Liga?

Who do you believe will win La Liga this season?


Real Madrid?

Will Rijkaard or Capello face the sack?

Who deserve to win it?

Re: Who will win La Liga?

Looks like real will win... i'm hoping for barcelona..

Re: Who will win La Liga?

I think that Real has the advantage, with the extra striking power provided by Ruud van Nistelrooy combined with the experience and set-piece finesse of the newly reinstated Beckham. Combine that with the world-class defending of Cannavaro and the goalkeeping of new Spanish captain Iker Casillas and you've got a Madrid side that is, for once, well-rounded and cohesive. My vote goes for Real Madrid.

Re: Who will win La Liga?

I'm not really sure who will win it. It will be tight, thats for sure.

At least one of the team in the battle for the title, will loose points this weekend, i'm sure. It will be interesting to see who.