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hello smile

I'm new here.

As I'm polish I will write something about our 1 st division.

On saturday we will have the last round of this season.

These are games:

Pogo? Szczecin - Be?chatów
Pogo? is the weakest team in the league lately. Belchatow is second and if they win they have a big chance to win the league
bet: 2 without any doubt

Wisla Krakow - LKS Lodz
Wisla is one of the biggest teams in Poland. However they didn't get good result this season. Week ago they won i Belchatow and they also should win at home.
bet 1

Wisla Plock - Arka Gdynia
Wisla already relegated. Arka doing pretty well lately.

Górnik Leczna - Groclin Dyskobolia
Górnik relegated. Groclin won with Wisla Krakow away from home lately. Should win here also
Bet 2

Widzew Lodz - Cracovia Krakow
First time in many years Cracovia has a chance to by higher than Wisla. They playing fantastic football now.  They should win easly.
Bet 2

Lech Poznan - Odra Wodzislaw
Lech playing for Intertoto Cup. Odra doing well but Lech is to strong for them.

Legia Warszawa - Zag??bie
Zag?ebie is the leader. Legia is third without chance to be 1. however they will do anything to win. They were champions last year and they will want to show they are better then zaglebie.
Bet Home win

Gornik Zabrze - Korona Kielce
Korona was fighting for 1. place. But they are weak lately. No bet

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Welcome michel !

Polish league is unfamiliar to me, but I do appreciate your picks.

When is Polish league going to end ? They  don't play at summer, do they ?

I had one bet this week on Polish league

Arka Gdynia-Lech Poznan  2

unfotunately I lost it.  Poznan dit not manage to win this one.
Don't know if I dare to bet on them again smile

Gdynia and Gdansk are the only places I have visited in Poland.  It was 3 years ago. I remember a nice place called Sopot there.

But I will see if I can find good odds for your picks.

Re: Polish 1 st division (orange ekstraklasa)

Hi michel ! Welcome to the forum smile

I see Be?chatów have only 1.20 in odds at Bet24... Is it worth using this match, maybee in a double? Or is it not worth it at all?

Legia Warszawa - Zag??bie
There is pretty good odds for a home win in this match. How would you rate the outcome in %?  40 - 30 - 30 ? are Zag??bie missing any players? suspensions?

Nice to have someone with good knowledge on the Polish league in this forum smile

BTW.. any talented Polish youngsters that looks set to leave for bigger clubs this summer?

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Lech Pozna? is much more experienced team than Odra. At home they have the biggest attendance in poland. They should finish this season nice. Over 2,5 goals is also a good choice here.

Be?chatów is my private choice to win the League. They are playing with the weakest team in league with some organizational problems. Sure win for me.

Legia - Zaglebie

Legia is champions from last year. Zagl?bie is leading the table but they are not experienced in such important games.
They play well, play nice. But I think they will be simply to scared to become champions with this opportunity.
I suppose Legia can win this one and odds are very nice.

Zag??bie is missing their main striker.

I would rate: 50 % - 30% - 20 %

Re: Polish 1 st division (orange ekstraklasa)

Last results:

Arka Gdynia vs. Lech Poznan       3:1     
Gornik Zabrze vs. Wisla Plock     2:0    
LKS Lodz vs. Kielce Korona     2:1    
GKS Belchatow vs. Wisla Krakow     1:2    
Groclin Dyskobolia vs. MKS Pogon Szczecin     3:1    
Cracovia Krakow vs. Gornik Leczna     5:0    
Zaglebie Lubin vs. Widzew Lodz     4:2    
Odra Wodzislaw Sl vs. Legia Warszawa     1:2     1:2

This weekend is the last round !!

Re: Polish 1 st division (orange ekstraklasa)

1. Zaglebie 59 points
2. Belchatow 58
3. Legia Warszawa 52
4. Lech Poznan 46
5. Korona Kielce 46
6. Cracovia Krakow 46
7. Wisla Krakow 45
8. Groclin 45
9. LKS 40
10. Odra Wodzislaw 39
11. Arka Gdynia 37 (relegated) law problems
12. Widzew
13. Gornik Leczna 26 (relegated) - law problems
14. Gornik Zabrze 24
15. Wisla Plock 23
16. Pogon Szczecin 16

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ok... I think I will put in a small bet on the Legia - Zaglebie  match. Legia to win, and I also might put in a small bet on Over 2.5 goals in the Lech Poznan - Odra Wodzislaw. But I will wait until tomorrow. 

Please keep me updated if there are any injuries etc. if you can wink


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I just have read a press conference of Legia coach Jacek Zielinski - he said he wanted to rest some players but he decided to let them play in this last game against Zaglebie.
So his team is healthy and he should play with his best 11

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3.10  for home win in that match, at bet365.

I will also put a small bet on this match, on home win. According to the info, I believe there is good value in this pick. Over 2.5 goals at 1.85  at unibet, does not look to bad either. But I will for sure go for a home win in this match. Hopefully I will cash in wink  Thanks for the info michel. Would be nice if you could bring in a small update if you have time, just before the matches tomorrow.

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I will if there will be something new smile