Topic: Germany DFB Pokal: Stuttgart - Nürnberg

DFB Pokal final in Berlin. Stuttgart were surprisingly Bundesliga winners, after finishing the season with eight wins in a row. Nürnberg was better in the spring season than in the first part of the season, and ended on sixth place. Started off their season with a 3-0 win over Stuttgart and also won the return match at home in January with 4-1. Few/none injuries on both teams, and the odds on this match puts the value on Nurnberg.

You can get 3.75 on Nurnberg to win at bet365, and that I believe is good value.

If you want to be on the safe side, there is also value in handicap game, where Nurnberg has a 1-0 lead from the start. 1.67 in odds if the game ends in a draw or Nurnberg win is good as well.

I believe there is very good bets to be made on this match. What are your views on this one?

Re: Germany DFB Pokal: Stuttgart - Nürnberg

Well handicap maybe, but straight win for Nurnberg is too risky on my mind, even if you get 3.75. I does not cover the risk. There is a big danger foe draw as always with these kind matches.

Re: Germany DFB Pokal: Stuttgart - Nürnberg

I agree, handicap is probably the best pick in this match.

Re: Germany DFB Pokal: Stuttgart - Nürnberg

Almost there... Nurnberg had the lead, but Stuttgart made it a draw after a penalty goal in the 80th minute hmm

The match ended 2-2 at full time, so handicap bets won. Nurnberg won the match on extra time 2-3, but that does not help us wink