Topic: Euro 2008 Qualifier: Norway - Malta

1-1-3 for Malta, and will for sure not qualify for the Euro 2008. Their win was at home against Hungary. They kept clean sheets for a long time against Turkey in Frankfurt in september, but lost the match 0-2.

Norway are struggling after 2-0 became 2-2 in Germany against Turkey. This match against Malta should be easy for the hosts, but when the top odds for just a home win is 1.15, there is a no play from me. Its just not worth the risk.

Feb 9, 05 Malta 0 - 3 Norway

But there are some other bets that should be considered in this match. Handicap with Malta given a 0-2 lead I believe is playable. If Norway gets a 1-0 lead I believe they can start looking at the watch and be happy with the result, as they need the three points and will not be looking to entertain in this match.

Over 2.5 and 3.5 goals are also possible bets for this match. There is a fear that Norway will struggle to score, but they need a win in this match and that can open it up even to Malta.

Norway to win (but not playable at to low odds), Malta to win with 0-2 handicap, Over 2.5 goals and Over 3.5 goals.

Please tell me your views on this match wink

Re: Euro 2008 Qualifier: Norway - Malta

Based on your information (that looks very good) I believe I will try Malta to win with 0-2 handicap. Pretty ok odds and from what I have seen of Norway in recent years, I believe they are not to good at scoring or to good at all.

Re: Euro 2008 Qualifier: Norway - Malta

I followed your pick with Over 3.5 goals and got some nice winnings. thanks for your pick

Re: Euro 2008 Qualifier: Norway - Malta

thanks. but I missed the "Malta to win with 0-2 handicap" pick. But 3 out of 4 is not to bad.