Topic: The future of Guus Hiddink

Where will this powerhouse of a coach go next? Will he lead Russia to the next world cup like he did for Australia or will he be Jose Mourinho's replacement?

Re: The future of Guus Hiddink

If Chelsea had the chance they should bring in Hidding straight away. Abramovich does not fancie the defensive football Mourinho plays and I believe Hiddink would be able to play the way the Russian wants, and win titles. Mourinho's time at Chelsea is starting to run out.....

Isn't actually Hiddink allready on Abramovich's pay list? I believe I have heard that he pays him to be Russia coach.

Re: The future of Guus Hiddink

I don't know, but I do know that Jose Mourinho's days at Chelsea are numbered, and that Guus van Hiddink could probably work some miracles at Stamford Bridge.