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US beat Mexico, 2-1, at Soldier Field in Chicago, USA.

Mexico goals:

Andres Guardado, 44th, with a high shot that bounced in off of the crossbar.

US goals:

Landon Donovan, 62nd, off of a lazy penalty kick in the box.

Benny Feilhaber, 73rd, with a stellar volly from 22 meters away.

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Was it a good match? Did the US deserve their win?

BTW... Did Rafael Marques play for Mexico in this match?

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Marques did play, he's actually the captain so he starts just about every match.

As for who deserved to win, the US definitely did. While some players, such as Marques and Andres Guardado played tough, the US players were the ones who really stood out. Landon Donovan kept the pressure on for pretty much the whole game, but it was Feilhaber who scored the most stunning goal.

There were two unusual things about the match. One was that the legendary Mexican forward Cuauhtemoc Blanco, despite coming out in the 78th, did essentially nothing to help Mexico in the match.

The other was a collision between American defender Jonathan Spector and Mexican player Andres Guardado, when both men cracked their heads together. This ended with Spector being helped off the field and Guardado getting up and resuming play. However, immediately after the game, Guardado started complaining of dizziness and was rushed to the hospital. I was in one of the cheap seats so I couldn't see Guardado very well, but it looked liked he crumpled over. They ended up putting him on a stretcher and motoring him out of the stadium on a cart. They put him in an ambulance and took him to the hospital as a precaution, but he ended up being alright.

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Who would you rate as the MWP (most valuable player) of the MLS at the moment? Any good talents on their way up?