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Here are some short views on the matches on Wednesday in the Danish Superligaen. Will get back with more news and views tomorrow. The first matches of the new season.

FC Nordsjaelland Farum - FC Kobenhavn

Previous meetings:
Apr 18, 07 Superligaen  FC Nordsjaellan... 0 - 1 FC Kobenhavn
Mar 18, 07 Superligaen  FC Kobenhavn 1 - 1 FC Nordsjaellan...
Sep 17, 06 Superligaen  FC Kobenhavn 1 - 0 FC Nordsjaellan...
May 29, 06 Viasat Cup  FC Kobenhavn 1 - 3 FC Nordsjaellan...

FCK to win and Under 2.5 goals.

Randers FC - Viborg FF

Previous meetings:
Apr 29, 07 Superligaen Randers FC 3 - 2 Viborg FF
Oct 29, 06 Superligaen Viborg FF 1 - 1 Randers FC
Sep 17, 06 Superligaen Viborg FF 3 - 2 Randers FC
Jun 15, 05 Superligaen Viborg FF 2 - 1 Randers FC

Over 2.5 goals and draw.

Esbjerg FB - Brøndby IF

Previous meetings:
Apr 29, 07 Superligaen Brøndby IF 2 - 1 Esbjerg FB
Apr 5, 07 Superligaen Esbjerg FB 1 - 1 Brøndby IF
Sep 17, 06 Superligaen Brøndby IF 2 - 0 Esbjerg FB
May 28, 06 Viasat Cup Esbjerg FB 2 - 2 Brøndby IF

Their last two meetings have both ended in draws, so I will try that again.

Draw and Under 2.5 goals.

Aarhus GF - AC Horsens

Previous meetings:
May 4, 06 Superligaen Aarhus GF 0 - 1 AC Horsens
Dec 4, 05 Superligaen AC Horsens 2 - 1 Aarhus GF
Sep 21, 05 Superligaen AC Horsens 1 - 1 Aarhus GF
Nov 10, 04 Landspokal AC Horsens E 3 - 1 E Aarhus GF

Horsens have played good against Aarhus in recent years and I believe they can be able to win this away match as well.

AC Horsens to win and Under 2.5 goals.

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I can find pretty high odds for u2.5 in Norsjalland.FCK match. 2.2 or something.
Somehow bookers are waiting for a lot of goals on this match. usually it means that the other team is a lot better than the other.
I was first thinking of betting draw (4.1 Expekt),  but if under 2.5 odds are that high, I dare not to go for a draw here.
The history between these two teams is very tight matches. 
Why are bookies still waiting a lot of goals ? I can't see any sense here now.
I also think FCK wins this , but wil home team also score. ? If so, then easily this match will be over.  OK, I may not touch this match.
I feel 1-2 for FCK. Just a wild and stupid guess smile No bet.

I was first thinking of betting AGF, but it also seems that AC Horsens plays well against them. So no bet. Can go either way.

I think Esjberg is not gonna win. This is either x or 2. Maybe Bröndby +0,5.

Randers-Viborg is too difficult to estimate.

Danish league is always very difficult for betting. Teams are so near to each other and anybody can win anybody.

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2.2 is good odds on under and I will try that. It's the start of the new season, so everything can happen. It always takes time for a league to settle. But sometimes when you look at previous meetings etc. that tells you something.
I will go for under 2.5 goals in that match. There is no information I have that tells me something else. But as I said, it is the first match of the new season, it might be just as good to save your money on this one.

Yes, Horsens have managed to play pretty good against AGF in recent years.

How good odds can you find in the match between Esbjerg and Brondby for a draw?

Yes, the Danish league is pretty hard to predict, at least now, at the start of the season.

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I can find 3.5 for a draw Esbjerg-Brondby on Expekt. It has been going up. It was before 2.4. also Brondby's odds are falling.  It was 2.2. Now only 2.0 !

I guess there has to be reason why people are betting so much on Brondby at the moment.  Or is it just because away team is better team.

I try this 3.5 (draw) with small stake (2/10). There is a high risk of away win.

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18:00 Finished FC Nordsjaelland 1 - 0 FC Copenhagen (0 - 0) 
18:00 Finished Randers FC 2 - 0 Viborg (0 - 0) 
20:00 Finished Aarhus 1 - 2 Horsens (1 - 0) 
20:00 Finished Esbjerg 1 - 0 Brondby (0 - 0)

Some crazy results today, but Horsens won at least and less than 2.5 goals in the FCK match, eventough I tought they would win. They had a lot of chances.

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Will you publish any picks from Danish football this week? I hope you do smile

Re: Denmark - Superligaen 18 July 07

Yes, will post some here later today for the matches tomorrow at least smile

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Here you go HakonHoy: