Topic: England Premiership 29-30/1

Here are my picks for the Premiership on Tuesday and Wednesday smile


Middlesbrough FC - Wigan Athletic
Middlesbrough have very poor home form while Wigan have 1-2-0 on their last three away matches. Draw.

Arsenal FC - Newcastle United
Arsenal have 5-0-1 while Newcastle have 0-2-4 on their last six matches. New boss Kevin Keegan has not managed to bring the winning spirit back into Toon. Arsenal win.

Sunderland AFC - Birmingham City
Both teams have pretty similar form but Sunderland should be able to win at home against Birmingham. Sunderland win.

Bolton Wanderers - Fulham FC
Bolton are ok at home while Fulham struggle both at home and away from home. Draw.


Chelsea FC - Reading FC
Chelsea have very strong form and should be able to beat Reading at home. Chelsea win.

West Ham United - Liverpool FC
Liverpool have shown just ok form lately while West Ham have very strong home form. Draw.

Derby County - Manchester City
Manchester City have shown pretty poor form lately and lost to Sheffield Utd in the FA Cup on Sunday, but against Derby they should be able to win. Manchester City win.

Manchester United - Portsmouth FC
Manchester United have very strong form and should be able to beat Portsmouth at home at Old Trafford. Manchester United win.

Everton FC - Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham have struggled a bit away from home and I believe Everton have a good chance of getting points from this match. Draw.

Good luck smile