Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid?

Do you think Ronaldo will be a good player for Real? Does the Galacticos need another offensive player?

Re: Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid?

Ronaldo will be a good player for any team. But the Galacticos are not the galacticos anymore it seems. It can seem like they are trying to end their galacticos style in the transfer market and instead just buy quality TEAM players that fit the positions they need players in.

Would have been interesting to see Ronaldo at Real, but I believe it will be many years until United let their star leave the club.

Re: Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid?

Real with Schuster is building a really nice team in my opinion. They have a few great players like van Nistelrooy, Sneijder, Robben, Raul and few youngsters like Higuain.

We can compare Ronaldo to Figo (at his good age when he moved to Madrid from Barcelona). It was a good step for Real, but then he was really needed there. Real at the moment does not play with classical wingers. The only one that plays this style is Robben.

Ronaldo may be also used as a strikers as he scores many goals.

Player of his quality is definitely a good choice, but the question is about his team spirit. Will he be able to adjust to a team where he won't be the most important player on the pitch.

If Schuster decides that he will they can get him.

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A few days ago Barca board admitted that they should had sold Ronaldinho year earlier. The same story may be with Ronaldo. We need to see how will this season go, but it may be the best for both Man U and Ronaldo to say goodbye after this season. I think that after this season they still will earn a lot on this transfer, and Ronaldo has his best season in United behind him.

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You have some good points there.

I actually believe Real Madrid are playing better football now then they did with the "galacticos". It seems like they have a better team spirit and the players are working for the team and not themselves.

When I say that, count Raul out. He is not a team player at all at my opinion. He is bad for real Madrid, he is way over the top and is a bad influence at the club. What do you feel about Raul?

With Barca-Ronaldinho, yes they should have sold him earlier, but he was over the top then. It does not seem like Ronaldo is over the top so far at least. He is not back to his best allready, but it is not too long ago since he returned from his bad injury. I believe Ronaldo will be an important player at united this season as well. Real know they have to splash out very big, if they want to get ferguson's attention. But I believe ferguson is not interested in selling a player until he knows he is over the top.

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This season may be good for Ronaldo. But he already won everything possible with Man U. He is still very young. What is his motivation in England?

Real would need to splash a really big money, but in my opinion the end of this season will be the best for him to leave, and for Man u also, as they will get biggest money. If he stays he won't be so expensive.