Topic: Should Ramon Calderon Leave Madrid?

Ramon Calderon have not actually been a success as Real Madrid president.

Should he leave the club?

Ramon Calderon has made a lot of lies, false promises, excuses, lofty hopes and insane quotes during his time at the club.

Is it time for him to pay for his promises?

Should they bring back Florient Perez?

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Re: Should Ramon Calderon Leave Madrid?

Every president will find it difficult in Madrid. Calderon won the league twice but completely failed in the Champions League. President is always important to the club, but for me it is more important that Real has a really good coach at the moment. Schuster has a better transfer policy than any president would have, so it would be the best to leave the transfers to him. And promises like Kaka, Ronaldo etc, are just stories for the crowd.

Re: Should Ramon Calderon Leave Madrid?

Yes. Real Madrid should stick with Schuster.

But I reckon they would do good to bring in a more "professional" president, instead of Calderon.

Calderon makes to many stupid comments.