Topic: Germany 2. Bundesliga 24/09/2006

Normally the games today should be 3 homewins but only one bet for me today and that's Kaiserslautern 8/10.

Rostock should beat Essen but Essen is not as weak as they played in their last games IMO. Maybe a surprise is possible here and odds are too low to bet on Rostock...

Duisburg should also beat Jena but Jena is a team which can defend like in Rostock game where the reached a draw away from home. Odds are also too low on Duisburg in my eyes...

Kaiserslautern is a really strong home team. It's very very tough for every team to collect points there. Augsburg is not a bad team but Kaiserslautern is surely the better one and they'll win this game at home IMO. Odds are ok so i go for homewin 8/10.

Good Luck!!!

Best regards, Jimbo1981