Topic: The return of Perez?

Florentino wants Real Madrid return

Florentino Perez is set to make a bid to return as president at Real Madrid.

What do you think about it?  Should Perez return to football or is Real better off with Calderon?

Did Calderon's battle to sign Ronaldo ruin his chances of getting re-elected as Real president?

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Re: The return of Perez?

Calderon was an embaressment for the world of football this summer. Calderon ruined Real's reputation when their battled to sign Ronaldo and sell Robinho.

I believe it is time that things change at the Bernabeu

Re: The return of Perez?

I actually agree with you that Calderon should leave Bernabeu.

But Calderon is way better than Perez.. Perez should never get back to Real!

Re: The return of Perez?

Calderon together with coach Schuster are doing a good job.
Where is it signed that Real has to buy the most famous players? They got some really quality players lately with Sneijder and van der Vaart on top of the list and should do their job well.
They won the league. They have a big chance to defend the title and do something in the champions league.

For me Real now has the best team in last few years, and they do not need Kaka or Cristiano Ronaldo. They should buy 1 or 2 players during the winter, but not any of lets say top 10 stars in the world.

Re: The return of Perez?

I do not think it has anything to do with the players Calderon have signed actually. I believe Calderon has just done a very poor job when it comes to ethics and working with the press. His trying and trying to sign Ronaldo was a very poor thing. They used all kinds of tricks that are not welcomed in the world of football.

Also, he was wrong to end up selling Robinho so late. They did not manage to find a replacement for him, before the transfer window closed. So he is forced to get into the market for a striker in January!

Real does not need the return of the Galaticos. But they need the return of ethics! And get rid of Raul. He is old and just ruin their style of football!