Topic: Premiership picks 28-29

- Tuesday -

Newcastle Utd - West Bromwich
Newcastle Utd: 0-2-4
West Bromwich: 2-1-3
Newcastle will be desperate to win this match against West Brom, but the visitors have been ok away from home recently. United narrowly lost against Sunderland this week.
Newcastle Utd to win.

- Wednesday -

Hull - Chelsea
Hull: 4-1-1
Chelsea 4-1-1
Chelsea lost their home clash with Liverpool on Sunday and I reckon they could face trouble in this match as well against giant killer Hull.

Stoke - Sunderland
Stoke: 1-1-4
Sunderland 2-3-1
Stoke lost to Spurs on Sunday but I believe they will get a point against Sunderland on Wednesday.

Aston Villa - Blackburn Rovers
Aston Villa: 3-2-1
Blackburn: 2-2-2
Aston Villa have very good form at the moment and impressed on Sunday. I believe they will win this match as well.
Aston Villa to win.

Manchester United - West Ham
Manchester United: 3-3-0
West Ham: 2-0-4
This is a match United will be desperate to win in order to keep up with Liverpool in the title race and I believe they will win this one. But my favourite pick with probably ok odds, is for Carlos Tevez to score against his former teammates.
Manchester United to win with 0-1 handicap and Carlos Tevez to score.

Arsenal - Tottenham
Arsenal: 4-1-1
Tottenham: 1-2-3
London derby clash. Spurs have just appointed Harry Redknapp as new boss and he started off with a win on Sunday. This should be a close one, but could Spurs manage to actually win this one. You can get pretty good odds on that and I will try.
Tottenham to win.

Liverpool - Portsmouth
Liverpool: 5-1-0
Portsmouth: 3-2-1
Liverpool are the new league leaders, three points clear of Chelsea. Pompey have been good this season but lost their manager Harry Redknapp on Saturday to Spurs. But I reckon it could be a close one.

Middlesbrough - Manchester City
Middlesbrough: 2-1-3
Manchester City: 3-1-2
Manchester City showed superb form on Sunday and Robinho scored three goals. I believe they can win this one as well.
Manchester City to win and Robinho to score.

Bolton - Everton
Bolton: 1-2-3
Everton: 1-3-2
Everton realy impressed me against United on Saturday and I believe they have a good chance at beating Bolton away.
Everton to win.

Fulham - Wigan
Fulham: 1-2-3
Wigan: 2-1-3
Wigan have the best form of the two teams, but I believe Fulham will have a good chance of winning this match at home.
Fulham to win.

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

Carlos Tevez to score is a nice pick.

But the Liverpool - Portsmouth, I do not agree with your pick. Pompey will strugle to get a draw in this one. They did not impress me on Sunday and the Reds will probably win this one.

Liverpool to win with handicap 0-1 is probably a better pick, I believe.

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

litlio: Thanks for your feedback.  I don't agree with you on that one! But good luck with your picks wink

Maybee actually Nemanja Vidic to score is also an interesting opportunity!

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

I take Newcastle and Aston Villa for wins today. Both sites look quite well as they play at home.

Liverpool also looks good even for handicap -1 as Portsmouth is without their coach.

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

Will be interesting to see what Tony Adams can do with Portsmouth. Maybee they could get a boost, as some clubs often do when they get a new boss.

But will stick with my Liverpool to win with handicap 0-1 pick.

Nemanja Vidic to score, is to risky for me Hakon wink

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

I got my Aston Villa and Newcastle. Fortunately I took Liverpool only for win without handicap. Yesterday I also added Everton to win against Bolton just as Hakon predicted. Really nice round smile

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

My handicap on Liverpool was bad as well hmm  Actually Liverpool were pretty lucky to score on a late penalty to win. So probably Hakon were the closest of us this time hmm The Everton win was nice. It seems like they are back on track now.

Re: Premiership picks 28-29

they played well against arsenal and man u and it looks that they are really on good run of form