Topic: Juventus back on track?

Despite struggling with several injuries, Juventus seems to be back on track in the title race?

Is Ranieri still the right coach for Juventus?

Will they be able to challenge for the Scudetto this season?

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Re: Juventus back on track?

It is a pretty old post but, YES! Juventus have realy been impressing lately. And with the form Del Piero is showing they have managed to overcome their poor start to the season!

Re: Juventus back on track?

Seems for sure that they are back now, yes.

Won on Thursday and are almost at the top of the Serie A.

What about their chances in the Serie A this season then?

Re: Juventus back on track?

on saturday juventus will beat inter and go top of serie a :-)

Re: Juventus back on track?

But they lost tongue Will that have anything to say for their season, do you think?

Do they have a chance of winning the title?

Re: Juventus back on track?

yeah. poor defeat and it was a very lucky goal by muntari.

they got a big chance of winning the title. inter have not impressed me this season.

I believe it will be between inter, juventus and ac milan for the title. who will win, is a bit difficult to predict.

Re: Juventus back on track?

I agree with you Trap. Have seen the replay of muntari's goal and OMG.. he actually almost did not score!! But it for sure was not offside like many of the Juventus players claimed, including Manninger at the back.

Hehe. Remember Manninger from when he was at Arsenal. What ever happened to him? Now in Juventus? Crazy smile

Re: Juventus back on track?

Took a look at it at Eurogoals wink  It was very luck I must say! Almost too lucky wink  Typically goals that decides derby games!

Re: Juventus back on track?

Manninger, moved from Arsenal to Espanyol to Torino to Bologna to Salzburg to Juventus. He has been all over the EU.

Stupid juve defenders to stop there. That is sure.