Topic: Becks back: Stay in Milan to save career?

Should David Beckham stay at AC Milan in order to save his career?

Or should he return to Los Angeles Galaxy?

Is he realy good enough for England and AC Milan?

Re: Becks back: Stay in Milan to save career?

I think with the south Africa world championship ahead becham needs milan to have the invitation or to have the last chance to play for capelo team England. I think he might be good for his shoots but its too old and doesnt improve the average age at Milan squad. And today he got a prolongation of his staying at Milan till the end of season a deal between Milan and Galaxy

Re: Becks back: Stay in Milan to save career?

Yeah, I saw that. And I agree with you, another "OLD" player is not actually what the Rossoneri needs at the moment.

But for Beckham it will be crucial in order to have a chance to get to the WC in SOuth Africa. But it is still a long way to go before then, many things could happen and Becks is getting old.

I wonder what shape he will be in when he returns to Galaxy and will be put straight into games there? And when that season is finished he moves back to AC Milan. Will be terrible tired and could have had several injuries!