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The Prediction Contest is based on matches from around Europe. Participants have to predict the 1x2 outcome of matches put up by

You can join the contest at any time, but to get the best possible chance to win, you should join from the start.

Rules are simple:

Pick the 1x2 of each of the 14 games each week, before the deadline stated.

The 14 games will be published on Monday, each week. The competition will last for four weeks.

3 points for each game you picked right. The points will be put together and a table will be shown after every round to see what place you are on.

After the four weeks are gone we will give prizes to the winners, and then reset and start all over again.

The prizes will be betting money on your account at :

1st - £150
2nd - £100
3rd - £50
4th - £25

We will also pick 10 people randomly that have competed that will receive £10 to bet for at

The contest starts week 12 (16 March) and games will be published, that you shall predict, in our forum.

NB! If you do not have an account at , you must register for one in order to get your prize. If you are not eligible to open an account at, you will not be able to get your prize. The contest is open for everyone.

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If we post these games, in week 1:

Manchester United - Inter
Liverpool - Real Madrid
Barcelona - Lyon

In order to take part of the contest you must put in your predictions like this:

Manchester United - Inter -- 1
Liverpool - Real Madrid -- X
Barcelona - Lyon -- 2

1 = Home win, X = Draw , 2 = Away win

Your predictions must be posted under the post where we published the games and before the deadline stated.

Re: 1x2 Prediction Contest - INFO

A short Q&A:

Q: Does it cost anything to participate?
A: It is 100% completly free! You only need to be a member at the forum here and that is also free!

Q: If I do not have and can not sign up for a account, can I get the prize I win, anyways?
A: Sorry, no you can not.

Q: Where will the games that I shall predict come from?
A: Leagues/competitions from all over Europe, but most games from the big leagues.

Q: When will this start?
A: The predicition contest will start week 12 and the games will be published Monday, March 16th.

Q: Do I have to sign up at the forums in order to participate?
A: Yes, but it is 100% free and does not take more than 30 seconds to do!

Anyone have other questions?