Topic: Lucio good for Inter?

Do you believe Lucio will prove to be a good signing for Inter?

Can he help bring Champions League success to the club?

Should Lucio have left Bayern Munich?

Re: Lucio good for Inter?

I believe Lucio was actually a great signing for Inter. I have always felt he is a strong player and can help in the club's goal to win the Champions League.

But Inter need some more power up front as I believe Zlatan is waaaaay over-rated!

Re: Lucio good for Inter?

No no no.  I am not a fan of Inter or Zlatan. But the Swede is a very good player. He has only failed to impress in the Champions League. But this could be his season. But he will probably join Barcelona. Will be interesting to see how he performe in the Spanish league.

BTW. Lucio is a good signing for Inter, I agree with you HakonHoy wink