Topic: Mour cash: Is Jose worth £170k week?

Is Jose Mourinho realy worth £170k week?

Can he bring Champions League success to Inter?

Re: Mour cash: Is Jose worth £170k week?

Hmmm... Mancini managed what Mourinho did. But somehow Inter feels Mourinho's title win is bigger?

Mancini should have been given more time and then they would have done better in the CL and played more entertaining football.

Champions League success depends realy on who they bring in this summer.

Re: Mour cash: Is Jose worth £170k week?

Seems like Mourinho is doing just what he did to bring success to Chelsea. Spending a hel. of a lot of money on new players. Buying success.

The club will probably demand CL success next season. If not, he could get axed?

Mancini were just winning the Serie A, did not manage to move to club further from that. They probably needed a new face.

Re: Mour cash: Is Jose worth £170k week?

Jose is not worth those amount of money, even if he wins the Serie A title with the club.

Jose has spend a lot of money and bought himself to success in every club he has been at.

Mancini should have stayed on!