Topic: Johnson for Real Madrid?

Real Madrid are reportedly ready to make a £15million bid for Liverpool defender Glen Johnson.

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Would Johnson be a success at the Bernabeu?

Do you believe Liverpool will agree to sell Johnson?

Is he the right-back they need?

Re: Johnson for Real Madrid?

I don't think so he will leave now from Chelsea to Pompey then Liverpool now to Real Madrid, I think he already have traveled alot in small age and he needs to settle it up, Liverpool is not in that position to sell everything now, They shouldn't sell anything rather bring in more players

Re: Johnson for Real Madrid?

Jose's right backs have always been good defenders. His teams are built from the back and it would be a style change if he goes in for a guy like johnson who probably is one of the best fullback attacking wise but his defending has serious holes. I dont think this will happen as jose ousted him when he was at chelsea too.

Re: Johnson for Real Madrid?

But What will Ramos do then? Center Back Position maybe and PEPE? a conflict. Johnson is a player who cant be seated

Re: Johnson for Real Madrid?

yes in his Madrid unveiling he said that he views sergio ramos as a center back and he will be looking for a right back. So pepe, albiol and ramos will be there 3 CBs neither of them is top drawer in that position so i think real will sign both a right back and a strong center back.