Re: Italia draw

atankwadi86 wrote:

yes exactly
the important thing is that both the juve centerbacks are the italian starting centerbacks
no wonder juve had such a bad season under canna and chiellini
canna no doubt is a legend but players should know when to retire. The selfishness of canna cost them the world cup. At 36 he should have retired a long time ago.

Yeap they have better guys which they can setup plus a good young lad davide santon but they wanted to go with old man than what one can do lippi should be sacked

Re: Italia draw

alessandro gambirini  or bochetti should have been the ones starting. Maybe the fact that gamberini's club fiorentina had a bad last season too, might have prevented him from starting.


Re: Italia draw

Italian players are like that, They scratch too much just like Luis Figo did and ended like shit