Topic: Jose maria del nido

on marseille's interest in fabiano he said:

"Sevilla aren't going to move a shred from the transfer price and we don't want Marseille to match the price that we have asked, because what we want is for him to stay many years.

"The offer that Marseille made yesterday was ridiculous, although it seems they are ready to improve that.

"We don't know how much Marseille are offering the footballer, but he has a year left on his contract, without Sevilla's okay he can't leave.

"As time passes the chances that he will leave go. Marseille have to offer what I said to Sevilla, not a euro less, if they don't offer that quantity it will be very difficult, very difficult, for the player to leave.

This is a guy who in recent years has sold sergio ramos to real for 19 mil, dani alves to barca for 28 mil, reyes to arsenal for 12 mil and numerous other big deals. A guy who always holds his own in the transfer market. Something that english club boards should learn.