Topic: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

Here are my over/under picks for Thursday 26/4.

Apr 26, 2007 Osasuna -  Sevilla

Meeting in the UEFA Cup between these two Spanish sides, in a match Sevilla should win. The five last meetings between these two have ended with less than 2.5 goals scored.

Under 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 Espanyol -  Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen's last UEFA Cup match ended in a 4 - 1 home win against AZ, but I believe Werder will be happy with a goalless draw in this match.

Under 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 FF Jaro Pietarsaari -  Haka Valkeakoski

Only two of their last 5 meetings have ended with more than 2.5 goals, but in this match I believe in many goals.

Over 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 Tampere United -  KooTeePee Kotka

Their four last meetings have ended with under 2.5 goals, but when you look at their recent matches, you can see that there will be plenty of goals in this match.

Over 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 IFK Mariehamn -  FC Lahti

Only two of their last six meetings have ended in more than 2.5 goals and I don't believe there will be to many goals in this match either.

Under 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 HJK Helsinki -  AC Oulu

There have been plenty of goals in their recent matches and I believe that trend will continue in this match.

Over 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 FC Dallas -  Red Bull New York

Their last three meetings have ended with more than 2.5 goals and Dallas's last seven matches have ended with more than 2.5 goals scored.

Over 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 Young Lions -  Balestier Khalsa

Their last two meetings have ended in a total of eight goals and I believe there will be plenty of goals in this match as well. Its the S-League!!

Over 2.5 goals.

Apr 26, 2007 IFK Norrkoping -  Enkopings SK FK

Their last two meetings have ended in just a total of one goal. I believe there will be few goals in this match as well for these two teams.

Under 2.5 goals.

Good luck with your bets!

Please comment my picks ! smile

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

Some thoughts about your picks for Veikkausliiga:


Normally lousy visitor Jaro suprised evrybody by winning home team Lahti 4-1 last Saturday.  Result 4-1 do not tell us what happened in that match. Lahti was leading after first period  and forward Rafael had couple of good chances for more goals.  What happened in second period is a big mystery but all of a sudden Jaro was leading 2-1. Lahti took far too much risks after that and Jaro got two more easy goals.
Haka was dominating home match against Inter on Monday but was inefficient.  Hakas defence was solid as usual.
Noe  these team meet in Pietarsaari. Weather is gonna be excellent and we will see rather nice fight.  But  Jaro is still in my books rather bad team and  Haka will go to Pietarsaari aiming to keep clena sheet again and goal once at least. They may success and win, but I would pick under 2.5.

Tampere - Kotka:

Well Tampere has some very important missings like Jarkko Wiss and Antti Pohja and this will somehow make scoring more difficult. Kotka is not good this year and Tampere wins this one. This may be over 2.5 but I don't touch this match  because of Tampere's missings.

IFK Mariehamn -  FC Lahti

These teams usually play under 2.5.  May be 1-1.

HJK- AC Oulu:

AC Oulu will loose this one and over may be on the cards. Will be played on artificial grass of Finnair stadium. Bot teams are used to that kind of pitch.

MyPa - TPS:

Everything speaks in favour of under 2.5. TPS team is not ready yet and MyPa was rather inefficient in Espoo on Sunday.

Inter - VPS:

Inter has not score for two matches. In league cup final they has their chances against Lahti but were very inefficient. Against Haka they had only one good chance.
VPS is always extremely lousy away and only tries to keep 0-0.
Under 2.5 here.

So my picks are:
Inter-VPS under 2.5
Haka-Jaro  under 2.5
Mypa-TPS under 2.5
MIFK - Lahti       under 2.5

These may be over but I do not touch:

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

Nice picks. there seems to be real value in Veikkausliiga picks, according to some friends of mine. They say its easy to win money there, is that true? Is it that easy to predict the results of matches in football in Finland?

Do you have any info on the Ykkönen before this season starts? Are there any clear favourites to get promoted?

Thanks for all your picks and info jmakela and litlio smile

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

Thanks Trap smile

Interesting thoughts on the Veikkausliiga jmakela smile  You got tons of more knowledge about that league compared to me! great info! thanks.

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

For me Veikkausliiga has started well and I earned some money from the first round. But sometimes, when you win, it seems to be easy to win money in Finnish Veikkausliiga, but sometimes, when you loose, it is difficult wink

But I think that the best league to win is Finnish 2nd division. Also 1st division (ykkonen) is sometimes profitable.

I have some info about ykkonen and I try to write it here tomorrow.  My home tome team (FC Hämeenlinna) plays also in Ykkonen. BTW Ykkonen means just number one.  Veikkausliiga means the same as Norways TippeLigaen.

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

As Trapattoni knew finnish first division is spelled in this eay "Ykkönen".  I always forget our own letters when I write in english. I am kind of used to it, because english speaking people do not understand our letters ä,ö and å. I guess these letters are only used in Scandinavia and possibly ä and ö also in Germany.

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

I'm looking forward for you info on the Finnish 1st division. Often its the smaller leagues where you can make the most profit. What city is FC Hämeenlinna from?
I have been lucky with my picks in the Veikkausliiga in recent seasons and I think its an interesting league to follow. It seems like they play pretty entertaining football with lots of goals in Finland, is that just me or is it soe?

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

Well you can say that Finnish football is entertaining. It is like women's football. Their skills are limited but the always try hard smile Especially int the lower divisions. Finland is not the really a Mecca of football. As a matter of fact the most popular sport here is Ice Hockey.

FC Hämeenlinna is from the City of Hämeenlinna smile Well I understand that Finnish geography and town names are not familiar to you.
Hämeenlinna is rather small town (population 50000) about 100 kilometers north from Helsinki.  The nearest Veikkausliiga team is Valkeakosken Haka, some 40 kilometers north from here.  Tampere (United) is about 70 kilometers north from here.

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

Ahhh.. I see smile But you have produced a couple of good footballers, like Litmanen and Hyypia wink There are a couple of Finnish players here in Denmark as well, so thanks for them!   

Never heard of that city.. Been to Finland one time,  in Helsinki and a city called, I believe it was Pori or something like that on the west coast of Finland smile  Nice country and beaches!

Re: Over/Under picks - Thursday 26/4

3 of my 4 Veikkausliiga where good smile  I might have been lucky. Did anyone see the matches?