Topic: Scotland Premier League picks 16-19/3


Dundee United vs Hearts

Dundee United are very strong at home and I believe they have a good chance at beating Hearts in this one.

Dundee United win.


Kilmarnock vs Motherwell

Kilmarnock have 1-1-1 on their last three home games while Motherwell have 1-0-2 on their last three away games.

Kilmarnock win.

Dundee United vs Inverness CT

The hosts are strong at home while Inverness CT have been terrible in their recent away games.

Dundee United win.

Hamilton vs St Johnstone

Hamilton are at the bottom of the form table, but St Johnstone have been terrible recently as well. This should be a close on.

Over 2.5 goals.

Hearts vs St Mirren

Hearts are strong at home and should be able to take all three points from this one against St Mirren.

Hearts win.

Re: Scotland Premier League picks 16-19/3

Top scorers ahead of this round:

K. Miller     Rangers     21
C. Sammon     Kilmarnock     15
A. Rooney     Inverness CT     13
G. Hooper     Celtic     13
A. Stokes     Hibernian     13
D. Goodwillie     Dundee United     13
N. Blackman     Motherwell     11
D. Riordan     Hibernian     10
S. Vernon     Aberdeen     9
R. Skacel     Heart of Midlothian     9

Re: Scotland Premier League picks 16-19/3

Dundee United vs Hearts

Dundee United's last five:
26/02/11     PRL     Hamilton Acade…     1 - 1     Dundee United
01/03/11     PRL     Inverness CT     0 - 2     Dundee United
07/03/11     PRL     Dundee United     3 - 1     Aberdeen
10/03/11     PRL     Dundee United     2 - 1     Hamilton Acade…
13/03/11     SCC     Dundee United     2 - 2     Motherwell

Hearts' last five:
02/02/11     PRL     Rangers     1 - 0     Heart of Midlo…
12/02/11     PRL     Hamilton Acade…     0 - 2     Heart of Midlo…
19/02/11     PRL     Heart of Midlo…     2 - 1     Dundee United
26/02/11     PRL     Aberdeen     0 - 0     Heart of Midlo…
05/03/11     PRL     Heart of Midlo…     0 - 2     Kilmarnock