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South Park is my favorite tv show , because of its fat and original jokes..


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Some of these transfers are good , but there are football players that don't deserve that..


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He is doing is best , i am sure. He is skilled player , but i think he needs more confidence.


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I think the winner will be Chelsea , but i hope Manchester United will do a miracle big_smile


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You are good in predictions tongue big_smile Atletico Madrid will crush Fulham. Fulham doesn't have the style. Maybe next year big_smile


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Well i can't tell you specially for Asian football  , but you can see bet365 if you don't know it. They are one of the best bookmakers.


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All i can say is Milan will be different without Kaka. I don't know who is the best for his position , because he haves his own style in game.


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No doubts for me they will win. But about their game in Champions League. I think they are not the team that haves to win. Maybe team from England or Spain.

Well , Arsenal is not my fav?rite team , because they are very unstable in their matches. In Tottenham the situation is another. This season they are doing pretty good. I think they can beat Arsenal and with some luck they will be in Champions League.

Yes , why not. Everything is possible. Anelka is a very good player. I will be very happy if this happen. Manchester United are rich club so they can offer a lot of money to Chelsea for Anelka. smile