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well all the talk has ended
the small pond's big fish is staying at home
what a pussy


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why won't it work in european footy?
american franchises pay top dollar to their players, just look at ridiculously large contracts handed out to even mediocare players in the NBA

They can spend good money cos they are better managers.

Gill has said that they have 160 million in the bank so if he is true they can bid for Bale atleast although central midfield is their problematic area


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but the fact remains who would want a 35-40 million injury prone striker who misses half the season due to injuries and rehabilitation.

i was wondering when will united stop buying irrelevant players and actually spend on some quality midfielder. can't remember the last proper midfielder they bought. maybe carrick?


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he did?
when? link please!
maybe sir alex had told him already that its the boy's plan to extort more money out of the poor ailing club

he can be a ronaldo like player for spurs if they manage him correctly and base their formation around him
one hell of a player spurs should hold on to him


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well at this point even if torres signs a contract for life what will he do
stevie g and torres both have been poor and they stay or go doesnt matter anymore
better to sell them both quickly cos their stocks are falling

defence edgy offence wasteful
this is not the united we know of
their confidence is certainly shaken
didnt miss him much as a player but the morale has certainly gone down


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as a chelsea fan i don't want him at chelsea
he would be our main striker for so many years but i just dont like him
whats their's is their's