this was the perfect time to ditch rooney
hernandez has the confidence he can fill the gap
stupid movie by united to keep him


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he finally realized that no one in their right mind in england will bid the money united want for him and foreign clubs know all english players are hyped up
so he stayed

mark my words, they can try all they want but pool and utd will decline from now on.

unless a mega owner comes as a fan not a businessman, there is no hope for them


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seems like you got your wish
the guy is staying where he is
its funny how jose mourinho guessed this a couple of days ago

they did the same thing again but chicarito saved them this time
midfield dont have energy. scholes just let the ball go past him and tuncay scored


unless they buy someone major in january they will probably miss out on all the european competitions for next season
this is certainly last season for torres at the merseyside

reports are circulating that the reason rooney remained at united was that he was assured that they will bid for bale and ribery in the summer

dream on!

they might manage pool a bit better but in the end its gonna be bank money again with interest to pay
this kind of model dont work ineuropean football
it might work in american sports but not here


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no but they have got the stars back in serie a
zlatan robinho pato eto
maybe the stars will once again head to serie a


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i think he will go to inter milan
i dont think they would sell him to any english club and real dont have any more place for a star player
inter havent signed nay one majoe in a long time and they have the cash too