"Berbatov is a bit more to feet and doesn't have the same penetration as Owen." That quote is why McClaren failed as Englang and Wolfsburg manager. Berbatov was the top scorer in the Premier League.

Barcelona biding too become the 6th club too win a third European Cup in a five year cycle. Only Real Madrid, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and AC Milan have accomplished this feat.

Not surprised if true. Midfield will decide this game. Remember, 2008 Champions League Semi Final at Old Trafford, Fergie flooded the midfield and they won through Paul Scholes.

I agree, game has come too soon for Fletcher too start. Seems the journalist has got the Da Silva twins mixed up, Rafael will start at right back.

You might be right about Abidal not starting. He was substituted at the weekend as, he ran out of legs. He trained fine yesterday though.

Rumours have just circulated that United won't start with Hernandez.

Barcelona will have too much class for Manchester United. The media consensus is that United are a better team then the defeat in Rome. I disagree, the match will be won in midfield and, United haven't improved in that area in two years.
Barcelona, have improved in that area as, Busquets and Iniesta have stepped up another level since Rome.

Barcelona will start with:

Manchester Utd will start with:
            Van Der Sar


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Always difficult too compare era's, however, this Barcelona team are playing a style that is unprecedented in modern football. With their 'Tiki Taka' passing game, high pressing and an average 70% possession, home or away, this team, if, they win against Manchester United at Wembley, will be remembered for years too come.


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Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I believe it would be a good move for Franck Ribery to move too Juventus. 'The Old Lady' of Italian football who, still, haven't recovered from the 'Calciopoli' scandal of 2006 that, stripped them of star players Ibrahimovic, Thuram and Cannavaro. Juventus have been like a punch drunk boxer on his last legs in the last few years. Devoid of Champions League football again this year, If, the signing of Ribery was too happen, it, would have echoes of Ronaldinho's signing for Barcelona in 2003.

Ronaldinho went too a Barcelona who had just incorporated a new President and a certain Frank Rijkaard as manager. They had been ailing in La Liga for several seasons when the new project, based, around Ronaldinho, came too fruition as two La Liga's and a Champions League within three seasons testify.

Ribery is at the peak of his career, so a move too a sleeping giant, who are planning a new project could, take him too a different level. 'The Old Lady' could soon
be sitting at the top of her table.