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Tampere will loose. They can not win RBK.  Don't bet on Tampere. There is a big class difference on quality.  Levski was out of form because they league has not started yet. RBK is in the middle of the Tipserien.

Veikkausliiga on Sunday + Monday:

VPS MIFK is a draw or MIFK win.  Take MIFK+1. Under 2.5.

Lahti-Inter.  With these odds in-form Inter definitely.

Viikingit-AC Oulu:  Who knows. This will be 1, x or 2. No bet. Tight and imprtan match.


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Yes, surprises may happen. Tampere had only 2 chances to score and they managed to score once ! I can''t believe this. Also Levski was lousy. They are not ready for even their own league at the moment.

OK, this was it this time. RBK will win Tampere of course. This is already more than anybody would have even dreamed. I have heard though that RBK is not the team it used to be, so maybe... OK it is not possible.  I guess RBK is always good when trying to qualify to Champions league. It is most certainly their main target at he moment. So RBK wins comfortably and easily.


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The match has been moved from  Levski home stadium to national stadium  because of rain and according to Ari Hjelm (Tampere's coach)  it is still raining a lot. This means difficult match to score.

So my selection is Tampere not to score (1.79 Expekt).
Also I will try a  small stake on 0-0.
This will also be u2.5.


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Tampere can't win Levski in Sofia.  Probably Levski wins by two goals. I donot see Tampere going to third ground.

But Tampere may be in trouble today against VPS. Their concentration may be on next week match.

Thia may be the case in AGF-FCK match also.  FCK in the middle of champion league matches. AGF has good odds.

I will try VPS and AGF. If either of them wins I will make good value.


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Yes Finnish Veikkausliiga has just turned difficult to predict. Too bad  sad.

HJK had best day and MyPa missed all the possibilities it had. Of course HJK was better this time, but everything is possible in Veikkausliiga.

Viikingit - MIFK is interesting, because here we have two extremely low-scoring teams.  Somehow I feel that MIFK will win this 0-1.  It will be low-scoring and also draw is a big possibility, even 0-0. Also this match is very important because of the relegation battle between these teams. But MIFK is better and they will have new danish player with them.

Inter - Lahti is difficult because Lahti can play extremely well and they can also be extremely lousy.  Lahti is most difficult  team to estimate. I will not touch their matches at the momen.

KooTeepee-Jaro is interesting because I can see that Jaro can win this one. With the odds 3.5 or more go for Jaro.

Suuny23: you asked if there are talented youngsters in Finland. i guess you meant British Premiership. I give you three names

Aleksei Jeremenko Jr. he plays in some russian team.
Roman Jeremenko: he plays in Siena Serie A
Perpetim Hetemaj: he plays in AEK Athens.

Of course Mikael Forsell (Birmingham) plays already in Premiership , but he is not really a youngster any more, but I can see a good season for him.


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Pretty good odds for MyPa , but...

History in Helsinki:


Last time MyPa won in Helsinki was 1996 !

Last time MyPa won HJK was 2003 in Myllykoski (2-0) !

HJK is a nightmare for MyPa.

The match will be played on very fast artificial pitch of Finnair Stadium. This is also + for HJK and - for MyPa.

Hermanni Vuorinen plays his second match for HJK. He just arrived from Tippeligan (Norway).
For Dawda Bah (HJK) this is his debut. He came from Ykkönen.

Mika Nurmela (HJK) who is the most important player ,is doubtful.
Erwan Zeneli is out (both suspension and ankle injury).

For MyPa there are three missings: Vasili Marchis, Hugo Miranda and Niki Helenius. 

If Mika Nurmela is not going to play, then maybe you could pick Mypa, but history is strongly against this pick.

Under  2.5 may be better selection this time.


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Some first feelings yes.

FC Honka - Haka

Haka was unlucky in Oulu to get only a draw after leading with two goals.
Honka has not been as good as I expekted , but they are rather difficult to beat in Espoo.  It may be raining today in Espoo.  Normally we have seen a lot of goals in Honka's matches, but this has been changed a little bit.
At first I thought to bet on over 2.5, but because of possible rain and Honka's inefficiency I do not bet on over 2.5. For under 2.5 there are too low odds.

on 1x2 betting only draw is tempting (3.5 or more)


I would bet x or 2 for this match. MyPa is getting better and better all the time and HJK is inefficient still.

I can find 3.7 for MyPa (Bwin)
Also 3.35 for draw (Bwin)

You can also LAY HJK on odds market like Betfair (2.28 at the moment).


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I think KuPS will be promoted. Kuopio is traditionally a good quality football city , so it is high time for them to get back to Veikkausliiga.

It is quiet now in Ykkonen.  Let's see more closely when matches start again.


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Jaro-VPS   u2.5  1.85  BetAndWin  !!!


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I can find 3.5 for a draw Esbjerg-Brondby on Expekt. It has been going up. It was before 2.4. also Brondby's odds are falling.  It was 2.2. Now only 2.0 !

I guess there has to be reason why people are betting so much on Brondby at the moment.  Or is it just because away team is better team.

I try this 3.5 (draw) with small stake (2/10). There is a high risk of away win.