It's a very solid player and with not certain future of Berbatov at Old Trafford Sir Alex really need a good striker especially one that will not complain about sitting on the bench. And Owen at this point of his career is such player


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After watching latest series of Grand Derbies I must say I'm not at all impressed by Barcelona, and also let me add I have the same opinion about Real.

When you look at their game you see 80 minutes of trying to get a faul and yellow or red card for any opponent. Great example for that is the Pepe - Dani Alves case. It was obvious on replays that Pepe did not touch him. And how Alves could have pretended like this acting such a pain etc. I mean Pepe did commit a foul there as it was a dangerous play and he deserved a yellow card, but after a good show from Alves and he got red one.

For me both teams focused more on acting than playing football in every single Grand Derbi they played. And this kind of big games are ones when you see if the team is great or not.

It's sad to say but they didn't win the big games in football game but in a TV dramma so they can't be called best team ever. Maybe just best team nowadays in current football realities.

What do you think on Wolves - Blackburn game? In theory both should fight hard to get 3 points and be safe from relegation. But when you look at table and see how hard it will be for Blackpool, Birmingham and also Wigan, they might just play for a draw. I mean it's hard to imagine that Blackpool will beat Man U, Birmingham will beat Tottenham (which is fighting for Europa League) and Wigan beats stoke away.

Initially I was thinking about a bet on Wolves but I don't expect it to be a very opened game and if any team wins it will be a 1:0 or 0:1 so getting an under 2,5 seems like a better idea than Wolves.

HakonHoy wrote:

I believe Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling will start at the back for United. Rio and Nemanja should be rested by Fergie. But I actually believe Smalling have been better than Rio this season.

I also expect Michael Owen to start the game, probably alongside Berbatov.

Fletcher is in need of gametime so he should start, probably alongside Darron Gibson.

And this makes quite a strong team that will be pretty hard to beat. All those guys will try to impress Fergie to get even a smallest chance to play against Barca.

Blackpool will have to attack and I think that with Man U offensive power even without Rooney or Nani home team will be first to score. And if they do they will get more relaxed and might allow Blackpool to get a one but I wouldn't bet on it. The big question is how will Man U defence look like. I believe that Fergie will rotate a few front players allowing for example Berbatov and Hernandez to play 60 minutes and then putting Rooney and Nani just to get some game before Barca and in defence Fergie might just put some fresh mens to rest the top guys as he only has 3 subs

Did you take a look at scorers tables. I think Ferguson will let Berbatov play as he is now level with Tevez on the list, so if he scores he has a good chance to be the top scorer. Not any massive thing but a bet on him to score might be a good idea to consider with some low stakes.

Let me start from Man U - Blackpool game. Two reasons I believe Man U will not loose this game. First is that the game against Barcelona is still 6 days to go. It's not the same as usual Tuesday-Wednesday Champions League games. 6 days is a lot of time and in this part of season players need to play once a week to keep a good form so I bet most of Devils stars will play today. 
And second thing Ferguson is not a man that will allow any kind of relax before the game, firstly because he needs his men focus on football as this is their last test ahead of Barca and secondly cause he doesn't want to read opinions that he allowed Blackpool to win - simply because his players also read papers and this kind of comments before Barca won't do any good.

It sounds good.

Zaglebie already in.
Lech is very strong favorite to win. And as yesterday we had a surprise with a win of Ruch Chorzow against Groclin - the same thing can't happen twice.
Legia at home should win easily.

My own favourite to win in Ekstraklasa is Wisla Krakow - they didn't play this round as they are in USA - and this can be a problem for them. First tour like this can destroy their health at start of season.
But after they bought Andrzej Niedzielan and Kamil Kosowski they seems very strong.

Zaglebie and Lech also should be very high. Then Korona Kielce and GKS Belchatow and maybe Legia.


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Primera Division has already finished but Sevilla still has something to play.
I believe that after success in UEFA Cup they will win next trophy.

Sevilla is much stronger team than Getafe and they should win this one.

Bet on Sevilla win.

France wasn't so good hmm