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I do not believe Fabregas will leave the Gunners this summer.

Arsene Wenger can not afford to let Cesc leave.


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Jose is not worth those amount of money, even if he wins the Serie A title with the club.

Jose has spend a lot of money and bought himself to success in every club he has been at.

Mancini should have stayed on!


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This is just one of the crazy things that have happened this summer. But Notts County will for sure be an interesting club to follow in the coming season.

I wonder who Svennis can persuade to join the club?


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I do not believe Liverpool have strong enough squad to win the Premier League title. But they will be among the Big 4 i believe. That is for sure.


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Eto'o could be a hit at Inter.

But I believe there could be a lot of problems between Eto'o and Jose Mourinho in the coming years.


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Actually he might be worth more than £80million, like he says.

Ronaldo's commercial value for Real is massive and they will earn a lot and a lot money on him in the coming seasons.

As long as he stays fit, that is!


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Ibrahimovic will be good at Barcelona. But I believe he could do a lot of damage to the club as well.  His mood is not something that fits into the style of Barca. Just see what happened with Samuel Eto'o and his mood swings.


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And United won 3-0 on penalties big_smile

For sure..

Had a laugh before the penalty shoot-out at Petr Cech.. laughable.. He probably lied there thinking he was the best... But Van der Sar is the best keeper in the Premiership!!!!!


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who pays the wages???  the club.

I would have loved it if every United player had put club before country!