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I believe it is. He has a great team and failed to impress even though he had enough time to do what he should. This season Atletico will not win any trophy and he should go during the winter.


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they played well against arsenal and man u and it looks that they are really on good run of form

Really interesting game. I did not bet on it myself but some of my friends lost some money as they put Arsenal for a win. And a few minutes before end they had their win...

I did not see this game but the result is shocking. I would understand a 0:1 or 0:2 but 0:5 is really a surprise.
This kind of game may have really bad influence on the team.


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I got my Aston Villa and Newcastle. Fortunately I took Liverpool only for win without handicap. Yesterday I also added Everton to win against Bolton just as Hakon predicted. Really nice round smile


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I really like Valencia but i'm afraid they aren't strong enough to fight with Real and Barca whole season long.


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Don't you think that Valencia with their draw in last game against Recreativo lost some impact? Do you think they will manage to stay on top till the end of year or Barca or Real will be on top?


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Calderon together with coach Schuster are doing a good job.
Where is it signed that Real has to buy the most famous players? They got some really quality players lately with Sneijder and van der Vaart on top of the list and should do their job well.
They won the league. They have a big chance to defend the title and do something in the champions league.

For me Real now has the best team in last few years, and they do not need Kaka or Cristiano Ronaldo. They should buy 1 or 2 players during the winter, but not any of lets say top 10 stars in the world.


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I take Wolfsburg from today games. Believe it should be a comfortable win for them.


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I take Newcastle and Aston Villa for wins today. Both sites look quite well as they play at home.

Liverpool also looks good even for handicap -1 as Portsmouth is without their coach.