and United won 3-1!! What a great start to the season. and with goals from Berbatov and new boy Hernandez as well big_smile


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is this realy "Away from football" btw tongue hehe it is pure football!! wink


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United should not buy Ozil. I do not believe he has the standard to be a hit in the PL, and to break into the United team. Who will he replace in the starting line-up at OT?? he can not manage to replace anyone of them already at the club!


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£21million?? is this for real??? he is not worth even half that amount!!

Please sell him Chelsea!!! (or for my sake, keep him wink


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Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs where at least in the squad.

Wilshere could get a chance against Hungary. He could surprise us. Capello needs to look for the future and needs to satesfy the England fans who are urging him to replace several of the older players!!


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spahic ...?? never heard of him. Is he any good? can he be a hit in the Premier league? good enough? I believe Arsenal need better players than that in order to challenge for the PL title this season!!

Man United have taken a 1-0 lead over CHelsea in the community shield.

GOOOOOOAAALL!!! Valencia!!!! smile


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hehe. he is to confident. it would be interesting to see if real could become the first club where he fails to deliver success!


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but he impressed a lot against tough players at the World Cup this summer. Does that not count for anything?


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No way. This is totally bullsh-t! He will never join Arsenal and for sure not for £23m. He is not worth half that amount!!