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Yes and so far Liverpool showing good form by beating Chelsea and Manchester United. So we are hoping some good fight for title this year.

Yes and we know Manchester United always show good performance in second half of league and all big matches in second half are at home where they are still best in Europe.

I don't think so. They will drop before month end and at the moment they already on no.2:D


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I think you are right! Sometimes thing really tough to manage and if club owners gives times to Manager then they can produce some good results.


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Yes Manchester United. Last time Manu 7 point behind and manage to win and I know it will happen again.

Don't forgot Manu played all away matches against big 3 clubs which is advantage for them.:D

I think metter was closed and I know Spurs now looking for some domestic talents and young players as Harry like to train new and young boys.

I read today in news paper that he denied to move Man City but I 100% sure that we would see him next season.


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I think Manchester United should sold him this summer. I am big Manchester United fan but he is not bigger then club. Although he is a great player but sometimes he only interest in his own goal records rather then team's results.


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I think somehow it will be good as they have good players in team but agree that they need young players who can play for them after 2-3 years.


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I think you are right! He is old and now we hardly see his good pass and I think  Rafael  is perfect solution for us as he is attacking Rightback and we seen his talent in last few matches.