hi litlio...good luck to copenhagen smile


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good tips hakonhoy big_smile


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hi zing. nice picks.
i just follow 2 of your picks > over 2.5 for kawasaki vs kobe & kashiwa vs osaka.
good luck

spain 0-2 england smile
i think cesc fabregas, gerard pique, sergio ramos, david silva & juan mata could be in the U21 team. so this spanish U21 side is weak.

spain u21 - england u21
yes. i agree with u. i think the epl regulars like walcott, agbonlahor, milner, noble, richards & hart will be able to win the game for england. go go england smile

seattle 3-3 dc utd

what a crazy see-saw game. i got money on seattle DNB and at one stage seattle was leading 3-1 then at 87min seattle own goal !!! yikes

anyway, good tip litlio smile

hi. i'm back smile
yes. villa should buy bentley. he's a fantastic player and will be able to replace barry.

chelsea can beat barca


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there are little draw games in bundersliga. but maybe these 2 can be draws...

bochum - hannover DRAW

karlsruher - cottbus DRAW


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what a crazy game. at last my rennes lost at home sad after the new year break, their performance has been disappointing.