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Wolfsburg should win against Frankfurt but Wolfsburg is not a team one can trust. Therefore no bet here.

Also no bet in Gladbach - Nürnberg game. Gladbach had good winter break and made some good signings but disappointed with 3-1 loss in Cottbus. Nürnberg in good form at the moment but it's difficult to win in Gladbach! Maybe a draw here but no bet for me.

Good Luck, Jimbo1981


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I expect Bayern München to bounce back here from disappointing performance against Dortmund on Friday.

Bayern München was very unorganized, especially in defense. Lucio played a very weak game in my opinion. Disappointing was also the fact, that Bayern München was unable to creat one single good chance in 30mins after the 3-2 of Dortmund. Bayern coach Magath said on weekend that Bayern can't afford to lose any more points and that he want's to see a reaction from the team. I think Bayern München players will show their ability tonight and Bochum is the right opponent for it IMO. They're still a weak team that will relegate in my eyes. They lost at home to Mainz on weekend and i think their self confidence is very low.

I expect clear homewin for Bayern München tonight. Odds are good and therefore i use high stakes for this bet. Good Luck!!!

PICK: BAYERN MÜNCHEN -1.5 9/10 1,76 10bet

Can't believe that Centrebet offers 1,70 on homewin here! Very good odds IMO and worth max stakes.

Yes, Stuttgart was very disappointing against Nürnberg on Saturday where they lost 4-1. But Stuttgart is a great young team with big potential and one can forgive the team such a perfomance with this in mind. Moreover they'll only miss Tasci(suspended) and Khedira(injured).

Bielefeld on the other side scored a lucky equalizer in the last minutes against Hamburg at home and again denied Hamburg a win. They didn't play good and i think they'll struggle a bit in 2nd part of the season. It's clear now that coach von Heesen will leave the team and all the discussions about him won't help IMO. Moreover Bielefeld played above their normal level in first half of the season in my eyes.

All in all Stuttgart is clearly the better team IMO and they'll bounce back here from Saturday's poor performance. Odds are really great and worth max stakes. Good Luck!!!

PICK: VFB STUTTGART 10/10 1,70 Centrebet


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It's not as easy to win for Schalke as most people think because Bochum played very good on counter attacks lately and the difference between the teams in 1. Bundesliga is not so big this season! But i agree that Schalke should win this game and over 2.5 goals looks also very possible!

Best regards, Jimbo1981


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Schalke is in very good form at the moment. It seems that there are no longer problems in the team and between the players. They're on first place in the table now and they'll try to hold this place as long as possible. Stadium will be sold out and Schalke don't have any fresh injuries until now...some players like captain Bordon might even be back on Friday.

Bochum on the other side shows two different faces at the moment. They play one good game and then one weak one and they're better away than at home. They'll surely wait for counter attacks and try to hold a 0-0 as long as possible but Schalke in their current form is simply too good for them IMO.

Therefore max stakes on Schalke! Good Luck!!!

Best regards, Jimbo1981


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Normally the games today should be 3 homewins but only one bet for me today and that's Kaiserslautern 8/10.

Rostock should beat Essen but Essen is not as weak as they played in their last games IMO. Maybe a surprise is possible here and odds are too low to bet on Rostock...

Duisburg should also beat Jena but Jena is a team which can defend like in Rostock game where the reached a draw away from home. Odds are also too low on Duisburg in my eyes...

Kaiserslautern is a really strong home team. It's very very tough for every team to collect points there. Augsburg is not a bad team but Kaiserslautern is surely the better one and they'll win this game at home IMO. Odds are ok so i go for homewin 8/10.

Good Luck!!!

Best regards, Jimbo1981