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United were not convinsing fair enough but they fully deserve their semifinal, being the first English team to beat Porto at home soil.   There were few nervous moments but the effort and commitment were great!


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All four teams are good enough to win the CL....but I'll stick with my dark horse Arsenal smile   
Man United - Chelsea  was last year's final.
Barcelona - Arsenal was the final in Paris 2006.
Can we have a repeat of one of these?    we'll see wink

Oh, of course, it's a big impact psychologically...But I think both teams can take mainly positives from the game. Especially Liverpool....nobody expected this!   But Chelsea....7 goals conceded in the last two matches.!
We will get a good answer against Arsenal on Saturday FA Cup.  The most important thing - we have a nice three horse title race in Premiership and we're gonna enjoy it, litlio!   smile

Fergie is not a fool, simple as that. There is too much hype about Kiko Macheda.....I still wonder how Daily Mirror gave him a Man of the match against Sunderland on Saturday.  But hte clear truth isi that he is still a teenager, untested and with no experience at high level. He can be an impact player, at best. Macheda is for the future, it's just obvious.

Three hours ago I would have said a straight "NO".
But what a incredible game of football we watched tonight!!

Tottally agree, he is at the perfect place with the perfect teacher to be brought up like a professional player and then become a football superstar. I wonder what would have happened with C.Ronaldo if he was bought by Real Madrid 5 years ago, not ManUtd...

Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal big_smile
Obviously, Porto vs Man United is the most intriguing tie. I don't think Arsenal can fail at home, with this current form.  Although injury curse strikes again there - now in the defence! Gallas, Djorou, Clichy and Almunia were all injured in the space of just 3 days....If it was not about injuries, it would have been almost funny! smile

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It was always going to happen, the deal was never in doubt after Benitez signed. More happy with the 92min ricochet off Gerrard's foot yesterday smile


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It's a one million $ question, HakonHoy smile  I have an opinion, of course....but it's always premature and naive to make a statement for the Final at this stage of the competition. For an example, we are going to see a great tactical battle between Liverpool and Chelsea! And possibly it will be decided by a single mistake which cannot be forecasted, it's just a lottery.
And people seem to ignore Arsenal a little bit. If you take a fair look - they are much better team than Man United  for the last month. It's no coincidence - it's the first time for 2 or 3 years when Arsenal have all their best players fit. Fabregas, Van Persie, Adebayor, Eduardo, Walcott....even Rosicky may play within a month!  smile
The current form is always the KEY in closing rounds of CL and EPL  and I'm amazed that Alex Ferguson let this dip in form happen - he is the best of ensuring his team play it's best football from March to May and won titles doing that.
I'll say Arsenal is "the dark horse" and I'll bet on them winning it. wink