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Hi every body i am new here.

Wishing Every One ..




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Gerrard, who led Liverpool to victory in the Champions League final last month, has stated he is ready to commit his future to Anfield.

Despite being linked with other clubs, including Chelsea, the England midfielder is now keen for discussions with Liverpool officials to get under way


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I am in a soccer pool for EURO 2008, in which I have to predict the winners and the leading scorer. I know a bit about soccer; who the best teams are, and some of the best players. Although, with a few grand riding on the pool I wouldn't mind getting some other peoples opinions. For our pool the teams are grouped according to world rankings, not the actual groupings

my g/f got a PFA on me so that i would be evicted and not able to keep the apartment we shared even tho i could afford it...and now the landlord is trying to sue me because she didnt pay the rent...so can he get money from me even though i was FORCED by a local judge to move??


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think we should send Babel out on a 1 year loan to another team so he can get more game time. On to the question of who to sell: Lucas, Pennant and Dossena. I can't see Rafa selling Kuyt.


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I was having such a good day... I spent the afternoon with good friends, the weather was beautiful, I resigned from the world's most tedious job... and then I find out that Didier "falls at the drop of a hat" Drogba has agreed to move to A.C. Milan.

I would have liked your "Long live the Rafaloution" if I hadn't just heard that his rotation policies may have cost Liverpool Crouch.


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Arsenal travel to Turkey to take on Fenerbache on Tuesday evening in the Champions League in good spirits after a comeback Premier League weekend win over Everton.


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My daughter is away with her father for the summer in another state. She got part of a tooth knocked out by her new-found boyfriend in the pool playing keep away. What's that?


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If they beat Chelsea tonight ( which hopefully they will) and after already beating Liverpool who could argue that they should be the winners of the FA cup.. lets just hope the semis draw goes their way.


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manchester city have loyal fans who will back up the club no matter whatever route the managers take. trevez is obviously not happy at man u and can see a career at manchester city....so give manchester city some credit...chelsea are also after him but lets see who he signs up with...i bet it will be manchester city all the way! give a few years and we will dominate the leagues....the big clubs are not liking the fact that a small club such as manchester city can compete for players.