Topic: Barca scared of Real Madrid?

Barcelona midfielder Deo admits they can not be scared of Real Madrid after their start to the Liga.
"If we are scared of Madrid after three weeks, it's best we do not play in the Liga," said Deco.

Do you believe Barcelona are scared of Real Madrid following the start of the season?

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Re: Barca scared of Real Madrid?

Real is much better than Barca at the moment. They have a great squad and Sneijder in my opinion is going to be a greater star than Deco, Kaka or even Ronaldinho.
What is more Van Nistelrooy maybe is not so good or but he knows how to score. And what about Barca - Henry - Ronaldinho - Messi - Eto'o and how many goals so far? - only one from Ronaldinho (his second was penatly) and the third goal this season from barca came from Toure.