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I was wandering what You know about polish players or polish clubs smile any ideas? smile

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I know kusack at Man utd. And I know some Polish clubs but not to much about them. And I know that Lukas Podolski is actually Polish? Is that for real? tongue

I got a few questions to you wink

Who is the best Polish player ever?

Best current player?

Best up and coming youngster?

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Hello smile

Yes, Kuszczak is Polish - played well against AS Rome. In fact Poland is lucky with goalkeepers. We have Kuszczak (Man U) and Lukasz Fabianski (Arsenal Londony) and the most impressive now Artur Boruc at Celtic Glasgow.
And of course Jerzy Dudek (Liverpool FC and now at Real Madrid).

Podolski was born in Poland but his family moved to Germany so he plays there now. The same with Miroslav Klose.

Zbigniew Boniek is told to be the best polish player ever. He got a bronze medal at World Cup 1982. Then he played in AS Rome and Juventus Turyn - now he work in polish football federation.
Grzegorz Lato is also famous - he was a top goalscorer at World Cup.

Currently the best polish player is Artur Boruc - Celtic Glasgow goalkeeper. In good form is also Jacek Krzynowek (VfL Wolfsburg) and Ebi Smolarek (Racing Santander).

As for youngsters I would say that Jakub Blaszczykowski is very impressive at Borussia Dortmund and Fabianski from Arsenal is very good, but as for now he is on the bench.

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Heard much about Fabianski but never seen him play myself.  What's his strengths? How old is he?

Yes, Boruc I have also heard about. And from what I have heard he is a success at Celtic and have been linked with lots of English premiership clubs. DO you believe it would have done him good to make the move to the premiership?

What kind of player is Blaszczykowski? What position? What age? What is his strength's? Are bot Blaszczykowski and Fabianski on the Polish Under-21 team, or?

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Fabia?ski - born in 1985, so he is 22. He made a great start in Legia Warsaw (what is interesting it was after Boruc left the club for Celtic) - he played just two seasons for Legia and now he moved to Arsenal. He wasn't succesful for the any under something team but he already is very close to the first national team. He is still very young but experienced in Orange Ekstraklasa. He needs some time to get used to Premiership but I believe he can be great if not in Arsenal maybe in some less popular clubs like Fulham, Portsmouth etc.

Kuba Blaszczykowski - this is impressive carrer - he is also 22 years old. In 2004 he moved to Wisla Krakow. He spend two seasons there and at start of this season he moved to the Borussia Dortmund. He plays on the right site. He is better as a winger (midfielder) but he started as a right back.
He is already one of the best players in our first national team.

Boruc is 27 - so a good age for a goalkeeper. He is perfect at Celtic. Arsenal and AC Milan are interested in getting him. Barcelona was also during the summer. But Celtic didn't let him go.

Boruc, Kuszczak and Fabianski are very good goalkeepers and I believe that they made a right choice moving to Premiership, Scotland Premier League as there are not to many good keepers.

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Thanks for all the good info on the Polish players mike smile

I just wondered about a thing. In Russia and several other Eastern European countries they have brought in several Brazilian and South American players, is that the trend in Polish football as well?

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Russian and Ukrainian clubs can afford to hire most of the smaller stars from America.

Polish clubs do hire some of the Brazilians, Nigerians etc, but they usually aren't so good. Once we had in Polonia Warsaw Emmanuel Olisadebe - he was given polish passport and played really well in national team.
He moved to Panathinaikos and now I don't hear about him.

The second good player was Kalu Uche. He nows plays in Spain. But not to many foreign players do well in Poland. For those really good Poland is not an attractive direction. For those weaker - they are simply to weak smile