Topic: Serie B picks 7-8/9


AC Ancona - Ascoli Calcio
Newly promoted Ancona impressed with a 2-2 away draw agains Trevisio, but Ascoli are strong.

Rimini Calcio - Modena FC
Rimini won the last two meetings between these two and I believe they will win this match as well.
Rimini win.

Frosinone Calcio - AS Bari
Both teams disappointed in their first match of the season.

AS Cittadella - Salernitana Calcio 1919
I believe this will be a close match between these two teams.

US Triestina Calcio - US Avellino
The last three meetings between these two have ended in draws.

US Grosseto - Piacenza Calcio
Grosseto managed a strong away win in their last match and I believe they will win this one.
Grosseto win.

AS Livorno Calcio - AC Mantova
Livorno struggled in the Serie A but impressed with a 1-3 away in their first match in the Serie B.
Livorno win.


Vicenza Calcio - Empoli FC
Empoli are the strongest team of these two, but Vicenza are strong at home.
Vicenza win.

Re: Serie B picks 7-8/9

Thanks for the picks and welcome back to Trapattoni smile

I will use some of these on Sunday, so hope they are good wink

Re: Serie B picks 7-8/9

Ancona    0 - 0    Ascoli 
Cittadella    0 - 0    Salernitana
Frosinone    0 - 0    Bari    
Grosseto    3 - 0    Piacenza    
Rimini    4 - 3    Modena
Triestina    3 - 1    Avellino

5 out of 6 matches you have right so far!!! thats very very very good picks Trap!

And at very good odds as well!

Re: Serie B picks 7-8/9

Thanks for your good feedback on my picks HakonHoy smile Will post some serie b picks today as well, I hope they will turn out just as good!