Topic: Serie B picks 12,13 and 15/9


Piacenza Calcio - AS Livorno Calcio
Livorno should be able to win this match, but Piacenza are very strong at home.


Pisa Calcio - Modena FC
Pisa have failed to impress but so has Modena.
Pisa win.

AC Mantova - Vicenza Calcio
Mantova have one draw and one win on their first two matches.
Mantova win.

US Avellino - AS Cittadella
Avellino have had a very poor start to the season, but Cittadella have opened poor as well.

FBC Treviso - Rimini Calcio
Rimini are strong and I believe this will be a close match.

Empoli FC - UC Albinoleffe
Empoli should be able to win this match at home against Albinoleffe.
Epmoli win.

US Sassuolo Calcio - US Grosseto
Grosseto have had a impressive start ot the season whil Sassuolo have struggled.
Grosseto win.

Parma FC - AC Ancona
Parma must win this home match in order to fight for promotion.
Parma win.

AS Bari - Brescia Calcio
This is a very close match, and I believe it could end in a draw.


Salernitana Calcio 1919 - Frosinone Calcio
Salernitana are strong at home and should be able to win this match at home against Frosinone.
Salernitana win.

Ascoli Calcio - US Triestina Calcio
This will be a close draw I believe. Both teams are good and it should end in a draw.