Topic: Serie B picks 5-8/12


Empoli - Bari
Empoli are on second place and good form, could get a win over Bari but I will test a draw in this game.


Parma - Avellino
Parma have been very good in the games I have seen of them this season and should win this game against Avellino.
Parma win.

Frosinone - Sassuolo
Sassuolo are at the top of Serie B and I think they can win over Frosinone away, but will test a draw.

Piacenza - Triestina
Bad form on both teams. I believe in a draw in this game.

Ancona - Pisa
Pisa are bad away, Ancona are ok home and away. Could be a close game.

Grosseto - Cittadella
Grosseto are very strong at home and from what I have seen of them this season they should beat Cittadella.
Grosseto win.

Brescia - Albinoleffe
Albinoleffe have good form but Brescia have impressed me with the way they have played at home.

Livorno - Salernitana
Livorno must win over Salernitana. Salernitana have very bad form and are easy to beat.
Livorno win.

Treviso - Mantova
Bad form on both teams. I think Treviso will win this game as Mantova are poor away.
Treviso win.

Modena - Ascoli
Modena are last on the table but are better at the moment than Ascoli.
Modena win.


Rimini - Vicenza
Rimini are on 16th place in Serie A but play good football at the moment and can win this game.
Rimini win.