Topic: What about Zlatan?

I must say, I was not impressed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic against United last night.

What is all the fuzz about Zlatan?

Is he "that" good?

I have actually not been impressed with him, since some of his games at Ajax.

Re: What about Zlatan?

Zlatan is a strong player but the defend of manc utd you know that helped Van Der sar to break a record  without conceding a goal for a lot of matches.
Zlatan has been a talent at ajax, juve and with inter has been incisive. He is a kind of player that can score form any position can use both legs and head and tackles to kick the ball.

Re: What about Zlatan?

But do you reckon he is the best player of the world, like Jose Mourinho says?

He has not shown that much to me and I am not convinced.

I remember a goal he had at Ajax, where he scored an awesome goal against Liverpool I think, in a friendly several years ago. That was just cracy!