Topic: Bundesliga picks 11-12/4


Bayern vs Frankfurt

The hosts suffered a massive defeat to Wolfsburg last weekend and should be able to bounce back in this one.

Bayern win with 0-1 handicap.

Cottbus vs Bielefeld

Cottbus are struggling with poor form but Bielefeld have not impressed too much recently either.

Cottbus win.

Dortmund vs Koln

The hosts are good at home but face a strong away team in Koln in this one.


Hannover vs Hertha

Hannover are good at home and I believe they can manage to beat Hertha in this one, as the visitors have been struggling away.

Hannover win.

Hoffenheim vs Bochum

Hoffenheim have struggled recently but they should be able to get at least a point from this one at home.


Moenchengladbach vs Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg have superb form and crushed Bayern Munich last weekend. Should be able to win this one as well.

Wolfsburg win.

Schalke vs Karlsruher

The visitors are at the bottom of the form table so this is a game Schalke should surely be able to win.

Schalke win.


Leverkusen vs Bremen

Leverkusen are poor home, Werder Bremen are very poor away. Could be a close one with few goals.

Under 2.5 goals.

Stuttgart vs Hamburger

Stuttgart are very strong at home, but face a very strong team in Hamburger in this one. Could be a close one.

Over 2.5 goals.