Topic: Uefa Cup picks week 16

- Thursday -

Din. Kiev - PSG
First leg: 0-0
The Ukrainians impressed with a strong goalless draw in France and I believe they are strong enough to win it at home.
Din. Kiev to win.

Manchester City - Hamburger
First leg: 1-3
City have been very strong at home this season and I believe they can manage to beat Hamburger, but I am not sure if they can beat them with three goals.
Manchester City to win.

Marseille - Shakhtar
First leg: 0-2
The Ukrainians managed a strong win at home but I believe it will be a closer game in France. I expect few goals in this Uefa Cup clash.
Less than 2.5 goals.

Udinese - Bremen
First leg: 1-3
Udinese failed to impress against a strong Bremen side in Germany. I believe the Germans will go through and with few goals in the game.
Less than 2.5 goals.