Topic: Gerrard Houllier new villa boss

Yep that is right. Former liverpool boss is now in charge at the villa park. Move has short term written all over it. Gerrard houllier is old and even if he is successful i dont think he will stay there for more than 2 years.

I think he will be sacked at the season end.

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Re: Gerrard Houllier new villa boss

do not like him for one bit
old as a hog and he totally messed up pool the last time he was there
he chose cisse over anelka for god sake :d
no need to go into further debate he is a disease

Re: Gerrard Houllier new villa boss

and he is a conman as he conned liverpool in to that 2000 tripple title season. That was a fake tripple and he knows it. I hope Villa dont die under him.