Topic: Liverpool need to break with past to succeed

So busy were the Liverpool fans creating an idol for themselves that they missed the bigger picture entirely.

Kenny Dalglish was clearly a great manager for a time when he was at the club over 20 years ago, but is he really the man to solve their problems now? In 2011? Football has changed unrecognisably since he last had any kind of success in the top division.

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Is Dalglish really the man to solve Liverpool's problems?

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Re: Liverpool need to break with past to succeed

Looks like dalglish has not only come as a manager but even as a role model for liverpool..his past history with liverpool has been very good..he is devoted to liverpool since he has been playing and the players are also motivated and feel the same for the club what he feels..there has been a sense of positivity in liverpool's game since hes come..i do think dalglish can improve the situation liverpool have landed them into this season.