Topic: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Tevez will never play for Man City again

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has stated that Carlos Tevez will never play for the club again.

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Will comment further on the Tevez-City issue..

Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

What do you think of the situation? Will Tevez ever play for City again? Does he have a future at Eastlands?

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Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Some views on the issue from Twitter:

Put Tevez in the reserves til the end of his contract and if he doesn't want to play/train they can fine him. they don't need money

If you're wondering why Mark Hughes amazingly tried to defend Tevez, they share the same agent!

Carlos Tevez is a disgrace. Should be fined the maximum amount and made to play out the rest of his contract with the kids.

Apparently Mancini says Tevez will never play4 mcfc again, think he means while he is in charge. But what do you make of that?

I have to say though, even after Garry Cook has gone, MCFC are still the comedy club that keeps giving more!

MCFC should make Tevez train on his own and sell him for a pack of Skittles and some belly fluff in January's window.

Tevez is a tool, can't stomach Mancini, but he's let the brilliant Man City fans down, first slates the City then refuses to play

If ur the manager you cant accept dissent. Fine and drop them, impose some order. Ferguson wouldnt put up with this shit

Fair play to Tevez. Too many footballers get forced to play 30 mins against their wishes. If you don't want to do it, don't do it.

Can now understand why SAF got rid of Tevez. He's nothing but a mercenary. Refusing to play is poor.

Not popular opinion but does no-one think this is a Mancini problem? Tevez behaviour awful but Dzeko as bad+Balotelli in the past too

Tevez situation reflects MCFC perfectly. Player and club a disgrace to football. No class, no dignity. Saturday's experience confirmed it.

Mental, just heard about the Tevez scandal. Wonder what my boss would say if I refused to do my job tomorrow?? Hope he's sacked.

How many man city fans would pay their life savings to wear the shirt for a few seconds. Tevez no respect get out of our country

New low for Tevez tonight. Despite off the field shenanigans, until now he always maintained total professionalism on it. Shocking

Make tevez play with the reserves. Let him rot there and see his career take a downward spiral. It's not as if mcfc need the money.

Just disgusting, sickening behaviour from a man on £150grand+ a week Have some context - there are people starving in the world

Am I the first one to say it? Carlos Tevez. West Ham. Three-month loan. Yes?

Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

More views from Twitter:

What's interesting about Tevez is EVERY football fan is angry, not just MCFC fans - people care about football, mess with it at your peril

Disgusting from tevez. Over paid joke. Deserves to rot in the reserves for that.

Hope MCFC use their financial muscle to make an example of Tevez. Players have too much power now. Let him rot in reserves

Tevez has alienated himself from football let alone mcfc no one would want to buy that. Ferguson must be saying 'told you so' right now!

Tevez thing is laughable its that ridiculous. Hope thats the last well ever see of him.

I wanted Tevez to leave in the summer, mainly because of the bad media attention he gives mcfc. I hope they terminate his contract.

Cannot wait for Kia Joorabchian and/or the PFA to try and defend Carlos Tevez. What a disgrace.

Carlos Tevez represents everything which is wrong about our beautiful game. Damaging little menace

What's the difference between Carlos Tevez and a tramp? £150k a week. What's the similarity? They both refuse to get off the bench.

Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Man City striker explains Bayern Munich snub

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has explained why he refused to come onto the pitch in City's Champions League defeat against Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

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Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Former Manchester City boss Mark Hughes, the man who signed Carlos Tevez for the club in 2009: "There is obviously no relationship whatsoever, or you would imagine given the events of this evening, with the manager. That needs to be mended and if it can't then something else has to happen."

Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Man City coach tries to calm down Tevez situation

Manchester City first-team coach David Platt has tried to calm down the Carlos Tevez situation.

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Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Former Man City star hits out at Tevez

Former Manchester City star Gary Owen has hit out at the behaviour of Carlos Tevez during the defeat to Bayern Munich last night.

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Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

More views from Twitter:

It is not just a show of disrespect to manager but also to teammates and fans

A footballer refusing to play is worse than anything else because it strikes at heart of everything game is supposed to be about

But there is a long back story between Tevez and Mancini and last night its tensions burst to the surface

Have to be honest, I think Tevez will play for City again. Too good a player, too much money involved.

So after last nights MCFC shenanigans can we assume that super Mario is now the second most rational striker at the club. Awesome.

Other irony is that Tevez won so many games on his own to get us into the Champions League. Then refused to play in it.

As MCFC can afford it, let Tevez rot in the ressies until his contract runs out! Anything else he wins and he doesnt deserve that!

Good to see Mancini learn a lesson from Moyes. When your team have been well beaten, shift the blame onto someone else.

Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Even more from Twitter:

Hasn't Tevez breached his contract by refusing to play? I can't refuse to appear at work without expecting my P45 on the desk

Tevez saga won't end that easily as lots of money involved.There Will be apologies and patch ups and will back to normal soon.

As a United fan so happy we got rid of Tevez! He is a disgrace to football and everything that is wrong with the game!

Lovely to watch how mcfc players are now having issues with game time. I feel for Mancini, it must be tough to keep 321 squad players happy

Not sure what's more insulting: Tevez refusal to play or him saying it was a "misunderstanding" & he's "ready to play when required"

Tevez is disgrace. Should be made to refund the whole trip of every City fan in the Allianz.