Re: Tevez will never play for Man City again?

Some more views on the Tevez saga on Twitter today:

Tevez should be sacked and his registration should be retained so he can't do it to another club. Wish he lived closer to his kids.

Tevez wants to go to Argentina, then Spain, then Italy, then Argentina again, then Dubai. Is he Liam Fox's special adviser?

The Tevez saga continues, what would happen if u refused to work? U'd get the sack, he's an awful role model for our younger generation!

loan Tevez out til a sale can be made in jan, since tevez has come over to the prem he has caused controversy

So disciplinary proceedings for Tevez but what can you do to a millionaire footballer worth many more millions?

Footballers have a tendency for getting cocky at the wrong moments, & Tevez is paying the price for exactly that

What if tevez refuses to come back from Argentine ? Cant see Mancini hopping on a plane to drag him back